A Season of Thanksgiving

Going into this holiday season, we have a lot to be thankful for in our community.  Sure, we have issues.  You just have to read about the red flags in the Community Focus Report to know that.  However, we also have many, many blue ribbons and things to be proud of.  So let’s focus on the positive and give a shout out to those!

Like our community’s giving nature and resiliency.  Every week you can see examples of both in our neighborhoods, churches, and schools.  People helping each other, volunteering, and providing leadership to others.

Like our strong City and County leadership, our excellent school district, and our award winning and nationally recognized Chamber.  Wow, what a combo!

Like our faith community that is dedicated to service and to helping make life better for those in need.  They step up time after time when an issue arises so that they are a part of the solution.

Like our business community that also steps up to support our local non-profits, to support families in need, and to offer their employees as volunteers and mentors.

Like our experienced and committed non-profit organizations.  They work hard, do what needs to be done, and stay focused on their missions.  Every day.

Like the collaborative spirit that abounds in all sectors of our community. Do we all always get along? No. But we know how to work together despite that to get things done. Collaboration is not a buzz word or lip service, it’s a way of life.  I know this to be true because we just had our Hope Connection event last week and this is a true model of collaboration and get ‘er done attitude.  More than 40 agencies & services, 300+ volunteers, and a leadership team made up of staff and volunteers from our partner agencies all came together to serve more than 500 homeless guests with dignity and kindness.  It is a life changing event and it only happens because of collaboration.