Community Partnership of the Ozarks, Inc. was incorporated in 1998, combining the initiatives begun by Ozarks Fighting Back (OFB) in 1991 and the Community Task Force in 1993.

The Community Partnership Board of Directors acts as the governing body, while the OFB board oversees programming efforts related to substance abuse and violence.

Our founding organization, OFB, was an initiative dedicated to reducing substance abuse, particularly among young people. However, it quickly became clear that we could not build strong communities by focusing on substance abuse prevention in isolation.

The Community Task Force, through the Collaborative Initiative, included collaboratives addressing education, housing, health, transportation, environment, early childhood, education, public safety, neighborhoods, and religion.  They were focused on developing partnerships composed of grass roots citizens and community leaders who worked diligently to identify gaps and work on solutions to address those gaps.

By combining these two groups, the hard work of building strong communities could be done using a holistic approach with a greater chance of achieving positive outcomes. Thus, Community Partnership was born in 1998.

Since then, we have grown from an organization managing a small annual budget to an organization that currently manages more than 35 grants/contracts funded by local, state, and federal dollars with an annual budget of over $2.6 million. Currently, more than 93% of our funding is restricted to specific programs and services, thus increasing the need for private dollars to help us sustain the critical work we do to meet the growing needs of the children, families and communities we serve.