Our Wish List

The following are items needed by Community Partnership’s programs and services. If you are interested in donating any of these, please contact us at or you may make a financial contribution. (If donating money, please indicate what item you would like it to be applied to.)  Thanks for your generous support!

Items Needed:

  • 4 light folding tables for us to use and to lend out to neighborhoods for events – $200
  • 2 Cordless drills for the tool lending library – $100
  • Updated computers for neighborhoods to use at NRC – $1000 each
  • Restructured basement stairway at the NRC to allow better access – $10,000
  • Shelving for NRC basement to allow neighborhoods to store items there – $300
  • Built in shelving for the NRC garage for improved storage – $200
  • Large Ice Maker $1,500


  • 5000 Glow sticks to give out at National and Neighborhood Night Out – $350
  • 50 Kindles to give away at literacy events – $3500
  • 25 Motion sensor lights to give away at National and Neighborhood Night Out – $500