Local College Students Awarded for Underage Drinking Prevention Posters

Local College Students Awarded for Underage Drinking Prevention Posters

Springfield, MO – Community Partnership of the Ozarks and the Underage Drinking Task Force announced the winners of this year’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) poster contest Wednesday.

Three posters were chosen for the top spots from graphic design students at local universities. The winners are as follows:

  1. Ashley Morefield of Drury University (When You Say Yes to Underage Drinking)
  2. Bre Corbett of Drury University (Socially Acceptable?)
  3. Tracy Pierce and James Hunter of Ozarks Technical Community College (It’s Not Like She’s Going to Know)

These posters are designed to increase awareness of risks associated with underage and risky drinking, including sexual assault and drunk driving.

Each year HEC invites students from local colleges to participate in the contest which is part of the Underage Drinking Task Force’s broader awareness campaign to increase awareness of the risk and consequences, decreases favorable attitudes towards underage drinking and risky drinking, and to decrease problem behavior.

Entries were judged by local experts in media, graphic design, communications and substance abuse prevention. The three top-ranked posters will be printed and placed in various locations throughout the community including college campuses.