Responsible Beverage Service Support Program Kicks Off

Responsible Beverage Service Support Program Kicks Off

Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Underage Drinking Task Force launched the Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Support Program on Tuesday. The RBS Support Program is designed to publicly recognize Greene County alcohol retailers implementing RBS practices. Examples of RBS practices include properly checking for fake/false IDs used by minors to purchase alcohol, and promoting designated driver/alternative transportation for customers who have been drinking alcohol. By implementing RBS practices, alcohol retailers help to decrease risky drinking and alcohol availability to minors.

The program is free to all Greene County alcohol retailers. Once enrolled in the program, retailers must meet a number of strategies identified by the Underage Drinking Task Force, partner coalitions, and alcohol retailers. Once a retailer submits its application, the RBS Compliance Support Team will follow up with the retailer to share the program level for which they qualify. All retailers qualifying at the Gold Level will receive a RBS Practices Gold Standard Certificate, a window cling, and will be promoted through local media partners to recognize them for meeting the highest level of RBS practices. If the Gold Level has not yet been reached, the Support Team will offer assistance to help the retailer qualify for the Gold Level, if interested.

The Underage Drinking Task Force and Community Partnership of the Ozarks are pleased to announce that the first alcohol retailer to meet the Gold Standard is the Brown Derby International Wine Center located at 2023 S. Glenstone Avenue. For its efforts in preventing underage and risky drinking, the Brown Derby International Wine Center was awarded a certificate of achievement along with a window decal to proudly display in its window. To date, more than 40 retailers have inquired about enrolling in the program, while 10 have already submitted their applications to begin the process.

A survey in 2014 showed that 32% of Green County 6th-12th graders had tried alcohol in their lifetime, with another 13% saying they currently drank alcohol. 49% of those surveyed say they thought alcohol was very easy or sort of easy to obtain. Statistics show that alcohol kills 5 times more teens than all other drugs combined.