Transportation Task Force Makes Recommendations to Address Challenges & Barriers

Transportation Task Force Makes Recommendations to Address Challenges & Barriers

The Impacting Poverty Commission was created by Community Partnership of the Ozarks (CPO) to bring together community leaders and organizations to increase community awareness, set a vision, and develop an action plan to reduce poverty in Springfield-Greene County area. To help achieve its mission, the Commission asked CPO to form a Transportation Task Force to research transportation options and provide recommendations to address some or all of the transportation-related challenges and barriers of the under-resourced in our community. The Task Force has now released its formal Report & Recommendations to the CPO Board and the Impacting Poverty Commission.

The Transportation Task Force met for a period of six months and researched the following areas: transportation barriers and challenges faced by the under-resourced; current initiatives and community plans; transportation options and best practices; and the Ozarks Transportation Organization’s proposed rapid transit bus corridor pilot project.

“The Task Force recognizes that there is no silver bullet to solve all the transportation issues we’re facing. We ultimately need to change attitudes and culture, including reducing stigma and popularizing transportation alternatives, as well as create more public-private partnerships that go beyond our current public system. We need to change the way we think about and approach transportation,” said Irwin Cohen, Chair, Transportation Task Force.

Realizing the complexity of reducing poverty and eliminating barriers faced by those experiencing it, the Task Force honed in on several short-term programs that offer a variety of alternatives that go beyond the transit system to alleviate transportation burdens while, at the same time, promote self-reliance, health, and social engagement.

“Not only does the Task Force make recommendations that would impact our under-resourced, but their recommendations are also consistent with national trends – trends that could have a tremendous economic impact on our community,” said Mandy Hagseth, Director of Community Collaboratives, Community Partnership.

The Task Force also recognized long-term efforts that will elevate under-resourced people and areas, while transitioning Springfield to a multi-modal, sustainable community.

“I am proud of the Transportation Task Force for diving deep into the logistical and cultural challenges to provide workable recommendations that can lead to actual resolutions of the transportation issues our community faces,” said Greg Burris, Springfield City Manager and Co-Chair, Impacting Poverty Commission.

The full report may be viewed here: transportation-task-force-report-and-recommendations. For more information, visit