Affordable Housing & Homeless Prevention

Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Housing Collaborative, has been working to increase safe, decent and affordable housing for over 15 years with a mission to “advance public knowledge on issues related to affordable housing and to create solutions through a collaborative, community-wide problem solving system ensuring safe, decent, affordable housing for elderly to youth, and homeless to homeowner”. 

Through the efforts of the Housing Collaborative, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that face our neighborhoods and their residents, as well as the housing development community that strives to offer safe, decent and affordable housing to low income families.  Our ability to bring stakeholders to the table and increase leveraged resources to address vital community needs is unparalleled.

To meet the increasing needs of our community, the City of Springfield and Community Partnership of the Ozarks launched the Springfield Affordable Housing Center in 2013 to will accommodate multiple housing and homeless prevention service provider representatives and provide a centralized access point for available affordable housing unit information, homeless service eligibility, screening and referral.

Through the establishment of our Housing Center, we will see the mission of the Housing Collaborative come to fruition.