Community Collaboratives


Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Community Collaborative Initiative was created in 1993 to respond to complex social problems. A baseline assessment was conducted that led to the creation of collaboratives around housing, transportation, early childhood education, the needs of seniors, and health. Over the years, the issues of focus have changed, but the mission is still the same.

The Collaboratives

Council of Collaboratives

The Council of Collaboratives’ mission is: “To create pathways to raise the standard of living and quality of life for all inhabitants, present and future, in Springfield and Greene County.” The group is made up of chairs and vice chairs of the existing Collaboratives.

Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative

The Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative came together around Victor Vieth’s Unto a Third Generation and the State Task Force’s Report to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in January 2013. Currently, they are in the process of implementing tasks that align with their six priorities. For more information you can visit

Early Care and Education

The mission of the Early Care & Education Collaborative is: “To promote active learning for all ages throughout the community by creating the most effective learning environment for all who are willing to learn.”

Environmental Collaborative

The Environmental Collaborative’s mission is: “To contribute to the protection of the earth’s resources through research, teaching, and outreach; to generate knowledge and develop techniques and skills to help practitioners manage and conserve natural and environmental resources to meet the full range of human needs on a sustainable basis.” Their sub-committee, Ozarks Clean Air Alliance is working to reduce ground level ozone and particulate matter. For more information visit

Healthy Community Collaborative

The Healthy Community Collaborative works to ensure a broad spectrum of community involvement in creating public awareness of health issues and generating community based solutions through maximum use of resources.

Housing Collaborative

The Housing Collaborative has a rich 20 year history. As a group of non-profits, developers, government entities, and other organizations and individuals, they work to ensure this community has enough affordable housing for its most vulnerable citizens. Recently, they celebrated the success of the new Springfield Affordable Housing Center. This one stop shop will provide services for those in need. For more information visit this page.

Impacting Poverty Collaborative

The creation of this group is a response to the fact that poverty grew by 121% between 2000 and 2010. According to census data in 2010, 21.8% of residents in Springfield were reported to live in poverty, a dramatic increase from 9.9% in 2000. Following the principles of collective impact, the group is working to find solutions using community economic development, empowerment of individuals and alignment of existing services.

Safe and Sanitary Homes Collaborative

The Safe and Sanitary Homes Collaborative works to ensure the health and safety of all citizens and first responders by educating and empowering our community to address and alleviate hoarding and unsanitary living conditions.

This happens through four goals.

  1. To educate the general public about how to live in a safe and sanitary environment through the prevention, identification and mitigation of hoarding and severe squalor situations.
  2. To provide families and caregivers of hoarders and those living in severe squalor with resources and tools to begin to take steps to identify and mitigate the problem.
  3. To create a process to assist those suffering from hoarding and/or severe squalor to identify and mitigate the problem.
  4. To provide families emergency responders and visiting professional to the home with tools and training to address situations of hoarding and severe squalor. 

Learn more about the Safe and Sanitary Home Collaborative and the problem of hoarding or download a brochure.

View video by KY3 News that outlines the dangers of hoarding.

Are you interested in joining one or more of the Collaboratives?

Please email Mandy Hagseth, Director of the Community Collaborative Initiative, for more information at