Neighborhood Clean Ups


Community Partnership coordinates with the City of Springfield’s Neighborhoods and Planning Office to coordinate and administer clean-up activities in registered neighborhoods in Springfield. These clean-ups give Springfield residents the opportunity to dispose of bulky items (such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances) as well as yard waste free of cost.

In the last year, we worked with different neighborhood organizations to coordinate 14 neighborhood clean-ups, as well as a city-wide Tire Toss. The neighborhood clean-ups removed 178.49  tons of trash from Springfield neighborhoods and kept over 11 tons of scrap metal from our landfills. Additionally, 1600 cubic yards of yardwaste was collected and recycled at the city’s Yardwaste Reycling Center. The Tire Toss collected an estimated 70 tons of tires, which will be recycled into playground mulch.

To find out more about neighborhood clean-ups or how your neighborhood could become a registered neighborhood, contact Amanda Stadler at 888-2020 or via email at To volunteer for upcoming clean-ups, please fill out an application at