Project Xcel

Project Xcel is a partnership between Community Partnership and Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC). The purpose of this program is designed to encourage foster youth ages 17-21 who possess a high school diploma or GED and who are not presently engaged in post-secondary education or a career path to begin meaningful, entry-level careers.

Project Xcel brings together business, government and young people aging out of Missouri’s foster care system to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Through shared commitment and responsibility, the partners will address business demand for good customer service employees, meet public expectations for reliable and courteous service, get young people started on a meaningful career path and grow Missouri’s middle class.

Participants will complete a 10-week training program through OTC. Upon completion they will have 3 professional certificates and 4 college credit hours, along with the confidence and skills they will need to be successful in meaningful employment. They will also be assisted in finding employment and will receive on-going support for 6-12 months post completion of the 10-week training. The program also recruits career mentors that will support the participants once they are in their work field to ensure participants are a career track—not just “in a job.”