Graffiti Removal


For quite some time, graffiti has been a method of individuals, namely youth, expressing themselves and their artistic ability in public places.  However, the destruction of public and private property is often the consequence of this type of art, resulting in the need for its removal.  An additional angle and higher priority of law enforcement is that of gang members marking their territory or displaying messages that are unknown to the general population but communicate a message to gang members.

When graffiti is reported, law enforcement officers are sent to inspect the graffiti and assess whether it is gang-related or not.  If this is the case, police take pictures and document the gang images and notify the property owner, who is responsible to have it removed within 10 days.  If the graffiti is not gang-related, then the property owner is notified by the City of Springfield through a letter and it is their discretion on when to remove the graffiti.

Since graffiti is usually an unexpected experience for property owners, the Task Force on Gangs and Youth Violence has developed the ability to offer assistance in the removal of graffiti from their property.  Through collaboration with the City of Springfield, Springfield Police Department, Boys and Girls Club, Community Partnership’s Neighborhood Resource Center, Midwest Dustless Blasting, LLC,  and other agencies, the Task Force is able to receive reports of graffiti and respond by having local youth paint over the graffiti in a timely manner.  This Graffiti Removal Program is also a method of offering constructive service activities for youth in our region, giving them a role in keeping the community beautiful and working alongside law enforcement in a positive way.

If you are interested in having graffiti removed from your property, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted for more information and to discuss a removal time.  Basic paint colors can be provided, but specific paint colors should be provided by the property owner.  As this is a free service to the community and the process relies on several factors including youth availability, specific deadlines may not be able to be met, but all efforts will be made to accommodate for property owners.  At this time, painting over graffiti is the only method of removal that can be offered.